In development now by Tyrus Peace
Music by Matt Javanshir
Download the latest alpha for Windows, Mac or Linux

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Your shift on a gas giant mining platform does not go as planned. You're gonna have to shoot a lot of robots. Your main tools are an energy cannon and the architect: a tool that can move terrain to clear paths, defeat enemies, and launch you skyward.

Here's the kind of stuff you'll do while playing Cloudbase Prime:

"Whatís great about Cloudbase Prime, though, isnít the little details the designerís had time to lavish on the project. Itís the way heís zeroed in on one interaction Ė raising or lowering the ground Ė and then made it fun and tied it into both traversal and combat." - Edge Online

"It also features a high-flying, wonderfully exhilarating central mechanic and very, very silly voice acting. So mainly, itís a puzzle platformer about raising and lowering platforms that catapult you into the sky while hyperactive robots chatter in chuckle-worthy fashion." - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Great visuals, fun gameplay and hilarious audio make this a game we canít recommend highly enough. Prime yourself for big laughs and big fun!" - Alpha Beta Gamer

You can check out this game's current progress by downloading a free alpha build for Windows, Mac, or Linux at

Steam Greenlight - facebook - twitter - tumblr - youtube - stttutter